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Hi, I need some advice and a few questions answered if possible.

I have accumulated a large debt from credit cards in the UK, and have now left the UK and returned to my country of residence (outside of the EU).

I have a large debt (approx. £15,000) with AMEX which has now been handed over to AIC who have just started calling my place of employment in the new country of residence.

I do not know how they found my place of employment, but I can guess seeing a person's digital footprint is easily traceable to a degree, social networking sites for example.

I am also guessing that they are only guessing I am the correct person, but my name is not a common name and would assume I am the same Jane Doe from England.

I no longer work at that place and now unemployed and in fact cannot afford anything.

I left the UK this year.

I need to know the following;

- Can my debt affect my credit rating in my new country of residence?
- What are AIC empowered to do? I hear they are not able to do much at all, especially as I am for now choosing to ignore them
- Should I declare myself bankrupt in the UK? And if so, what does this do to the entire matter?

I have one bank account left in the UK with less than £50 and no assets in the UK.

Can someone please help answer my questions and provide some guidance.
I do NOT intend on paying the debts for now and hope the matter is put to rest after some time.

James Falla

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Re: Unpaid Debt and now living abroad - AIC calling my old work
« Reply #1 on: Oct 23, 2012, 09:54:23 AM »
Hi there
Clearly AMEX are keen to recover their debt. I have to say it is unusual for a uk creditor to use a collector to trace you and then start to try and contact you outside the EU. Having said that ultimately if they do find you then AMEX can use the local laws in the country you are now living to enforce their debt. Again I would say that this would be unusual however in this instance AMEX have achieved the unusual already so I would have to assume that they will keep it up.
This being the case my suggestion would be the best course of action is to plan to resolve the situation once and for all and declare yourself bankrupt in the UK. You can do this at any time up to 3 years after the date you leave. Ideally you need to return to London to submit the necessary paperwork to the court at a cost of £700. This may seem like a hassle. However once done the UK debts will be gone for ever and they can no longer chase you for the debt anywheer in the world. The negative affect on your credit rating in the UK will not be reflected on your credit rating where you are now. Whether you ultimately plan to return to the UK or not, this would be the best way to get closure on the whole issue.
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Re: Unpaid Debt and now living abroad - AIC calling my old work
« Reply #2 on: Oct 26, 2012, 06:46:06 AM »
Thank you very much for your response and advice!

I have found various companies and debt programs who can process the bankruptcy on my behalf in the uk, therefore negating the need to travel and do it in person. Researching as much as I can to see what this involves and if it's suitable.

Thanks again

Steven Jackson

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Re: Unpaid Debt and now living abroad - AIC calling my old work
« Reply #3 on: Nov 06, 2012, 11:44:45 AM »
Hello jgoldberg7070
I agree with James that declaring yourself bankrupt in the UK would be a sensible way to resolve your UK debt problems once and for all. This should not affect you or your credit rating in the country where you are now living. If you are considering using a company to present your petition for you here in the UK that is great. However make sure the costs do not get out of control. What ever happens you are likely to have to pay the court fee of £700 so what you are looking at is the amount added on top. If this is more than the cost of returning to the UK yourself then you need to think very carefully. Good luck and if you need more advice please do not hesitate to ask.
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