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University rent debt
« on: Oct 11, 2012, 09:43:26 PM »
Hi guys, apologies if I'm doing this wrong but it's my first time see...

Well basically i owe 2,054 pounds to the student village at university because I left and am still liable for rent (long story cut short) I haven't heard from court or debt collectors yet but I'm really scared, I'm only 19 and it's a horrible position to be in regardless of whether it was my fault or not. I don't have the money at all and am doing temporary work earning maybe 150 pounds a week max and its just not getting anywhere. Can you help me with understanding the process of court summons and debt collection and make me aware of how bad my situation is please it's killing me


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Re: University rent debt
« Reply #1 on: Oct 17, 2012, 09:33:06 AM »
I'm not really qualified to help with this sort of thing, but in the absence of other respondents I'll do my best. I assume you don't have any assets much to speak of? Where are you staying at the moment? What would you say is your monthly disposable income, and what would be the maximum monthly payment you would be prepared to make towards the student village? Also, is the debt subject to interest?

James Falla

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Re: University rent debt
« Reply #2 on: Oct 23, 2012, 09:45:37 AM »
Hi Supertramp1
If the student village has an address for you now I assume that they will eventually catch up with you and start chasing you for this debt. If you did not give a forwarding address then it is likely that they will eventually find you when you settle eventually. Given your income is low and you have no idea when the situation may improve, my suggestion is that you consider a debt relief order. This will cost £90 to set up and then all your current debts (other than student loans company debt) will be taken away from you. After a year you will be debt free.
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Re: University rent debt
« Reply #3 on: Nov 06, 2012, 11:39:30 AM »
Hello Supertramp1
Given that you owe the money then this creditor will certainly try to recover it from you. They will first demand payment by calling you and writing to you. Then they are likely to employ a debt collecting agent who will also try to recover the money from you. If this does not work they might then consider applying to the court for a count court judgement against you.
Ultimately you need to find a way of resolving the problem as it will not go away by itself. You really have a couple of options. 1 agree some kind of monthly repayment plan to start repaying the debt. Even if this is just £10 a week. Alternatively as james suggested you can consider the debt solution called a Debt Relief Order. This is specially designed for people with low incomes and debts below £15,000. I suggest that you speak to an expert about both of these options.
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