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help needed with old debt.
« on: Sep 18, 2012, 03:45:00 PM »
Hi all, I wondered if any of you can help out with a curious debt case.

After my girlfriend moved in with me in 2000, she forgot about an old littlewoods catalouge bill at her old address, & forgot about it.
Didn't hear anything for years (no phone calls or letters, despite being on the Electoral Role).

Seven years later, my girlfriend went for a job at a bank, where they did a standard credit check.
Something on there showed up as a debt, owed to a debt agency who we'd had absolutely no contact with.
The debt was something like £550.
Wanting the job, she contacted the company, who gave us one of those "If you pay now, we'll knock some money off" chats.
So, my missus paid the debt agency £300 as they agreed, & paid by cheque.

We never heard anything since, until the other month.
My girlfriend decided on a hoover from topup tv, which had a "pay in a few installments" plan.
the hoover came, & all was good.

(I didn't realise at the original time she paid the first company that as it was over 6 years old, it'd be non-enforcable, but hey ho.)

But it appears to me a company not only is trying to reclaim a debt that's 12 years old, but was actually settled & paid five years ago.

As it was paid by cheque, we have no other proof it was actually paid. All paperwork referring to the first company got thrown out years ago. Bank statements show a cheque having been paid, but not who TO.

Just after ordering the hoover in July..

July 16th this year:
Received a letter through the door from Debt Managers Ltd (whom I've never heard of), stating they are instructing their doorstep agents to collect to the tune of £564.00 to their client Arrow - Shop Direct (Carval).(never heard of them, either.)

31st August this year:
Received a letter from a company called Call Serve, claiming they've been instructed by their client to recover the outstanding debt of £564.00. They don't actually name the client, so I can only assume it refers to Littlewoods. We've had no other loans in the last 10 years, nor anything on credit.

Had a couple of missed phone calls too, which when i googled the number belonged to Debt Managers Ltd.

SO two points here I'm thinking of..

1) Aside from the fact my girlfriend made a final settlement back in 2007 for £300, why would there be companies chasing her for the whole debt?

2) As the whole debt was from 2000, surely It's out of date - I thought it was six years. This makes it 12 years. I suppose she must have acknowledged the debt in 2007 when she made the final settlement, so it is six years AFTER that, or just six years after the original debt?

I'm not sure how to proceed with this.

Much thanks in advance,


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Re: help needed with old debt.
« Reply #1 on: Sep 21, 2012, 05:41:58 PM »
Hi there Lee
I agree that this situation sounds very strange. If this debt was settled in 2007 than no collection agency should now have any business trying to collect from your girlfriend now. I would write them a stern letter confirming that the debt was settled in 2007 and that any further contact from them will be considered as harassment and a complaint issued to the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) calling into question their suitability to hold a Consumer Credit License (required for debt collection). That should do the trick.
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