Author Topic: Q: will we be chased for a BT debt if abroad (but have property in UK)  (Read 1012 times)


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BT have charged us a disconnection fee for disconnecting and moving overseas of over £250.
After recently getting mail redirected, they have passed this onto Collect Direct (UK) who are now looking for payment plus an exorbitant "admin fee".
We are now living abroad outside of the EU, and after reading the posts on this forum it seems that they won't bother chasing.
However, we have a rental property in the UK - does this make a difference?  Will they try to take assets from the house?
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James Falla

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Hi there Simon2012
Given the size of the debt you are talking about and the fact that you are now living outside of the EU, I would agree that it is unlikely that BT will pay to try and locate you so they can pursue you for the debt locally. However if you still own property in the UK, they can and probably will take action against you/your property in the UK. I think the most likely course of action is for them first to apply for a CCJ against you. Then once that is in place and not paid, they will then be allowed to apply for a chrging order against your property. In affect this turns the debt into a secured debt against your property in the UK. This does not mean that they can force sell the house. However the debt will have to be paid in full when you eventually do sell (including all the costs of the applying to the court etc). As the debt should still ultimately be less than £5000, no additional interest can be added once a CCJ is in place. So in affect the debt is just parked until you sell the house.
In terms of whether BT would employ a bailiff to enforce their debt, I think this would be highly unlikely. I assume that the property is rented. As such the tennants would quite rightly refuse entry. As such Bailif action would be fruitless.
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