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Hi Guys

I had a £5000 Egg credit card which i couldn't pay in 2008. I entered into a payment repayment plan and have paid it every month for over 3.5 years (never missed a payment). The card is now down to £3,200 and is cancelled. All was well until i received a letter from barclaycard saying that they wer etaking over Egg and that i was to no longer use my original payment number (didnt dd as don't trust it) and that i would have to use the 16 digit number on my statement and card.

Well i wont receive a card as i am on a repayment plan, nor will i receive statements because of this (it says so in the small, incredibly hard to find section on there website). No problem i thought and i decided to ring  Barclays up to sort it out.  This is where the problems have started. I have made over 3 hours worth of phone calls across 4 numbers and had an online chat.  Every time i speak to someone i explain the situation and they then say "can we have the 16 digit number" even though i've explained the whole situation.

I sent a letter explaining my problems by recorded delivery 6 weeks ago and heard nothing.

I then phoned up and here is how it went:

I placed a call to 0844 811 9111, and was asked for my 16 digit number. I explained that I didn’t have a card number as I was a repayment plan with Egg, which has recently changed to Bcard  and wanted an update as to the status of my account so I could make a payment. I was then asked for the number on my card. I again explained the situation, and was told to go into a branch and ask for a new card to be re-issued. I again re-explained the situation and was told that I would need to provide the card number to access my account. Unfortunately I explained my situation 5 times that I didn’t have a card number, wouldn’t be issued with a card as I was on a  repayment plan, and hadn’t been sent a new one.  I was then told the same thing. I actually explained very clearly on 5  occasion’s the situation and unfortunately the call operative I spoke to didn’t seem to understand the basic facts that:

I didn’t have a card
I didn’t have the 16 digit number
I wouldn’t be issued one as on a repayment plan

Eventually the operative agreed to take the Barclaycard account number I was given on the letter I received on the 22/02/2012, however after giving this, I was told I had no account?????

I then sent a second letter explaining everything and the above and again have heard nothing back.

This is getting really stupid, as i want to pay and no one will  acknowledge my account exists or help. I am worried that 2-3 months down the line i am going to have the bailiffs turn up or get hit with massive non payment charges, and yet there is no way i can pay.

Anyone have any suggestions?

James Falla

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Re: major problem with Barclaycards takeover of EGG - advice needed
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Hi Niteeyez
This does sound a little bit crazy. I think you have done all you can to try and sort this out with Barclays. The only thing I can suggest is that you simply stop making further payments until you hear from them. I would be very surprised if Barclays take any further action without first contacting you and trying to sort things out and at least set up a new payment plan with you.
Do you have any other debts? Are you a homeowner? The reason I ask is I wonder if you would not be better considering a debt relief order which could clear the debt in a year. You say you have been paying for 3.5 years and have cleared £1800 of the debt so I assume that you are paying c£43 a month and that is all you can afford?
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