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Dealing with Debt / Help
« Last post by amilase99 on Sep 08, 2017, 12:17:16 PM »

Hello ,had a letter today from PRA saying I owed £3,900 I telephoned them and asked what is this about ,and was told it was from a car finance debt from 2011 and not at the address I been living at for 13 years. I asked to see copies of credit agreement which the response was they did not have.
Anyway after the telephone call ended I remembered having finance for a car in 2004 and that was the only one I had.
Can they still chase me for that debt and why are they saying the debt is from 2011 ?
Dealing with Debt / Re: Lying on credit card form
« Last post by Lisa Thomas on Sep 06, 2017, 02:39:34 PM »
It sounds as if a Debt Relief Order may be a good option for you, depending on your other circumstances.

If they investigate, which is unlikely, and find that fraud has applied then it is possible that the debt will survive any insolvency procedure but this is highly unlikely and I cannot see that it would be in the public interest for criminal proceedings to be brought against you to send you to go to prison for such a small sum (in the grand scheme of things).

I suggest you continue with the advice that Step Change are giving and hopefully this should enable you to get back on your feet again.

Best of luck
Dealing with Debt / Lying on credit card form
« Last post by Sarah1984 on Sep 05, 2017, 06:04:02 PM »
Hi I'm hoping I can get some advice please.
A few years ago I applied for a credit card and I told them I was in full time employment and earning 35000 a year. At the time I was unemployed as I was unwell. I was at the time thinking I would work again but unfortunately my health has deteriorated further and I have not been able to work. I now receive disability and employment and support allowance.

I have always kept on top of the repayments but I separated with the father of my children and this coupled with my physical health problems and depression I have spiralled up 8000 in debt and I'm struggling to pay. Especially because most of my income comes towards costs incurrured due to my illness including helping get my children to school and back.

I have been in touch with step change and they feel they can help me but I don't know what to do as I'm very scared what will happen to me because barclaycard may look into it and find out I lied and I couldn't physically and mentally cope with any more stress.

Can anyone advise please? Will I get into huge trouble for fraud or go to prison

Many thanks for reading

Dealing with Debt / Re: Advice with utility debts
« Last post by Lisa Thomas on Sep 04, 2017, 09:48:52 AM »
Not that I am aware of - the debt is in your name, not hers.

The DRO is currently £90 but there may be charities that can help you with the cost.

Look at the government website for guidance - I'm afraid I can't add a link on this forum, sorry.
Dealing with Debt / Re: Advice with utility debts
« Last post by davidrichards27 on Sep 04, 2017, 09:43:39 AM »
I was led to believe that as she lives in the home,  they would still go after her for the debt.

Do you know if I can get assistance with a DRO as I am unemployed at the moment?

Dealing with Debt / Re: Advice with utility debts
« Last post by Lisa Thomas on Sep 04, 2017, 09:19:28 AM »
Hi David

Usually I would say that a Debt Relief Order (DRO) might be the best option for you and that a DRO would wipe out your debts but I am unsure if there is anyway the utility companies could deem your wife as jointly liable.

However I haven't heard of this happening before.

I know that only one person can be on the name for a utility bill so can't see how any other parties can be held responsible.

Where did you hear that your wife would still be responsible?
Dealing with Debt / Advice with utility debts
« Last post by davidrichards27 on Sep 01, 2017, 03:05:06 PM »
Dear all

I am in a real mess and would like to seek some honest advice / feedback.

Currently we live in a shared ownership home (100% in my wife's name. Currently just paying rent to the housing company).
Over the past years, due to some mental health problems ( anxiety and depression ) and this has have a marked effect on the family and my ability to work,  there are now some £20,000 of debts (Gas, Electric, Water and Council tax).

All of these are in my name ONLY and I am considering a debt reduction order or alike, but I have been led to believe that even if I do this, the debts will still 'exist' in my wife's liability?

I do not really understand this as I thought if I 'owned' the debt,  it would go after I have it written off?

I am in a real mess and would be grateful for any advice that can be given.

Thank you all in advance

Dealing with Debt / Re: Advice on debt
« Last post by The Credit Repair Group on Aug 22, 2017, 10:43:55 AM »
Hi Zen,

If you're still struggling with any then feel free to [** sorry, no personal contact invitations allowed **]. We work with a large panel of FCA regulated advisors who can help point you in the right direction free of charge. Once we pass you on to one of the regulated advisors we work with you can then do your due diligence on them for your own piece of mind before going ahead and making the right decision.


Kind Regards,

The Credit Repair Group
Bankruptcy / Re: Bankruptcy in Germany
« Last post by Lisa Thomas on Aug 10, 2017, 09:30:08 AM »
Hi I am sorry to hear about your parents.

I cannot comment on German Bankruptcy but can advise that in the UK this would be correct. 


1.  The property will have passed to him and belong to him at the time he is made Bankrupt, and his interest in it will therefore vest in the Trustee in Bankruptcy.  The Trustee will then have the ability to repossess and sell the property in order to use the funds to pay towards the costs, interest and debts of bankruptcy.  Any joint owners (you) would then be paid your net share of the proceeds.

2.  The inheritance takes place whilst he is Bankrupt and therefore falls under the 'windfall clause' and again the Trustee will be entitled to the property/proceeds.

He should take advice from someone that specialises in German insolvency.

If he was based in the UK, depending on other factors, I expect that I would likely be advising him to do whatever he can to avoid the Bankruptcy.

Feel free to [** sorry, no personal contact invitations allowed **] to discuss in more detail. My details are below.
Bankruptcy / Bankruptcy in Germany
« Last post by Nigel67 on Aug 09, 2017, 07:27:54 PM »
Not sure if anyone can help me please? :-\

The situation is as follows, My Brother currently lives in Germany (20+ years) and has a business that is in trouble to the tune of approx £25,000.00. He has told me that an application for Bankruptcy is being served soon.
Between December 2016 and January 2017 both of our parents unfortunately passed away, so we are in the process of inheriting their property.
What he has told me is that when he is made insolvent in Germany, the German OR can and will try to take the property to sell (it is currently on the Market) and that I can do nothing about this, I do not believe him!
I have spent many days now searching through EU law to try to find out, I now have a fair bit of Knowledge concerning 'COMI's and member states etc[size=100%] but I am finding it very difficult to get any clear and simple information on how It will effect me?[/size]
Thank you.
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