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Dealing with Debt /
« Last post by RichardUnere on Jun 17, 2018, 08:38:16 PM »
Keeping with the Information Culture dominated mainly by the multidimensional involvement of the Internet, the Mentouri Constantine University is home to this space odyssey.
If perhaps the updated presentation of its website, rich in themes and more provided in sections, offers all Algerian and universal Internet surfers an active relay where exchange relations develop for the benefit for knowledge, communication and communication. partnership in whose basic environment is the vast sphere of higher education and scientific research.
The interface of this new version, presents a great richness on the university and the surroundings in which it is put, and also ergonomics and the user-friendliness of the parts composing the various webpages of this Website; it also offers graphical and interactive interfaces allowing communication between Internet users and the universe of the university. It also stretches to information linking the university and its clinical and social partners.
On top of that, we also want to make the production of Scientific and Technical Data one of the major missions of your university, a mission that is part of its dynamism and its educational and research activities.
Finally, this contributions will have the advantage of engaging our organization to participate actively at the same time of dialogue and knowledge sharing.
Dealing with Debt / baboo
« Last post by babooinforex on Jun 06, 2018, 02:07:54 PM »
Hola, soy nuevo en el foro ;)
Dealing with Debt / Drop ship training
« Last post by ElezavetaBaf on May 30, 2018, 11:49:18 AM »
How to dropship
Dealing with Debt / Where to learn business marketing?
« Last post by Stephengoage on May 27, 2018, 05:00:00 AM »
Hi, everybody. Tell me a good site. Where available teach marketing.
Bankruptcy / how quickly are bank accounts frozen?
« Last post by essexman1966 on May 25, 2018, 05:37:43 PM »


I have a very specific question concerning bankruptcy. How quickly do the banks move to freeze an account?

Here is my situation. I think that I was declared bankrupt today as a result of a petition by HMRC. (I was unable to attend the hearing as I am abroad on work, and I did ask the court for an adjournment by letter for this reason, but let's assume the adjournment wasn't granted.)

I assume that because Monday is a bank holiday I won't appear in the insolvency register until Tuesday at the earliest.

I should get paid by my employer next Wednesday (by Faster Payments, not BACS).

I have two accounts: a NatWest Select Silver, and a Cashplus prepaid debit card. I don't have any borrowing, or a chequebook, on either. There's not much in either of them.

Currently my salary goes into the NatWest account but it would be easy enough to change that before my payday.

Ideally, what I need to be able to do is to get some cash and pay urgent bills (rent etc.) as soon as I am paid - then that gives me several weeks before the next payday to sort out a new basic bank account if I need to, and obviously I will have spoken to the Official Receiver by then anyway.

So, is it likely my NatWest account could be frozen as early as the Wednesday?`

Would Cashplus be likely to freeze it at all?

If I called the NatWest insolvency team on Tuesday (I have the direct number) would this help avert the problem, or would it just alert them to the bankruptcy and make them more likely to freeze it?

Obviously, the timing and being away from home just make things more complicated, but there's no avoiding that.

Any advice much appreciated!

Thank you

Bankruptcy / IVA to possible Bankruptcy
« Last post by [email protected] on May 14, 2018, 10:01:19 AM »

I'm currently in an IVA. I'm just about able to afford my payments. I own 45% of a house, mortgaged. I am in full time employment and earn a decent salary. I live with my ex-wife, who contributes nothing to the IVA and minimally to the house, she pays the gas, water and elec.

Last year, I was involved in a car accident. long story short, i took out my insurance but put my ex-wifes name on it. they've finally sent me the bill, and its large (£10k)

I've approached my creditors to sell the house, initially my offer was turned down. I increased it a little bit and they tentatively  agreed to it. they want to see how much i'll get for it and then make their final decision.

With the accident i need to pay back, i won't be able to afford my iva payments. well, i could, and i'm going to try, but it's going to be an absolute ridiculous amount i'll be paying towards huge debt.

What i'm trying to determine, is whether, if i file for bankruptcy:
                 1: will i definitely lose my house?
                 2: is there any way i can keep it, other than the iva?
                 3: how long does this normally take?
                 4: if i file for bankruptcy, will that cover the accident? can that be added to the bankruptcy? or will i still need to pay that?
I'll try to meet my payments, or sell the house. i'm trying to be responsible and pay my debt. but sometimes, things just don't work out they way you plan.

any ideas or info will be most appreciated.

I note that this thread is close to hitting 16,000 views now. That just shows the extent of the problems this horrible procedure brought in by this cretinous Government has caused for thousands of people. I hope as many of you as possible are appealing now. It may look like a nightmare, but just follow what I've advised in here step by step to defeat this despicable process.

Please note: my comments are based only on my own experiences of debt and the benefits system, it is always best to contact a professional debt adviser/Citizen's Advice etc for advice.
Dealing with Debt / Test, just a test
« Last post by KelasGerne on Apr 06, 2018, 03:38:50 AM »
Hello. And Bye.
Here's an update regarding Appeal waiting times for the Glasgow Tribunal Service. My Appeal date was set for 10 weeks after it was received by them. I expected it to be at least a month or 2 more than this. Clearly the number of appeals they are receiving has gone down significantly since the Mandatory Reconsideration was introduced, which of course was why it was introduced. Previously you could appeal as soon as a WCA deemed you fit for work. What's happening now of course is after the WCA, many people do not know how to go through this Mandatory Reconsideration process and I'm sure a large number of people just give up and don't bother appealing at all. Once again, that's exactly what the Govt hoped would happen. If an appeal can be arranged in a city the size of Glasgow within 10 weeks it clearly shows not enough people are appealing.
I was booted off ESA by a comedian who sat typing continuously at speed into a laptop, asking me questions while he did it but hardly lifting his eyes to look at me. The speed he went through it at also made it obvious he was on commission, based on how many people he could boot off ESA in a day. However, as described above, I went through the Mandatory Reconsideration process and my ESA was re-instated pending an appeal date. If you are in the same situation I was after a WCA, just follow exactly what I have advised to do in this thread and your ESA will be re-instated.

As over 12,000 people have now read this thread, I hope a huge number of you are appealing against this discriminatory disgraceful system.
My lay understanding of a debt being statute barred after 6 years is if the creditor does not pursue the debt for 6 years it becomes statute barred.

IN this case it sounds as if the new assigned creditor wrote to you in 2014 (and more recently) demanding payment so the 6 years starts again.

You should really seek legal advice.

Do you dispute the debt they are pursuing?
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