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Dealing with Debt / Bankruptcy
« Last post by mikemitchell on Oct 23, 2018, 06:10:36 AM »
Hi All,[/font]
I have been under major threat from my creditors, as I fall behind my bills which got due for couple of months. How can I get rid of the debt?[/font]
Dealing with Debt / Wifes Debt
« Last post by Soko on Oct 04, 2018, 12:33:36 AM »
I have just found out that my wife has run up some credit card debt. The total she has owned up to is approx. £12k  This is not the 1st time and on previous occasions I have paid the debts off.
She has no way off paying this debt off.  She has a small income of £70/week. There are good reasons why she cannot get a better paid job. We live in rented accommodation and we both have little of any value. I have some savings but refuse to see my hard earned cash disappear. I presume the Card companies cannot force me into payment or take away anything that I have purchased.  She has made an IVA of £120/month to one company (£10k of debt) She now contributes zero to the household. What do you suggest? my worry is she has more.
Dealing with Debt / Where to?
« Last post by Blackmog on Oct 02, 2018, 09:57:11 PM »
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Dealing with Debt / Can i?
« Last post by Blackmog on Oct 01, 2018, 05:53:26 AM »
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We've now hit 75,000 views..................very nice. I hope those DWP mugs are being absolutely swamped by mandatory reconsiderations. ;D
Bankruptcy / £38k debt
« Last post by Tattooedk on Jul 12, 2018, 01:09:10 AM »
Hi, I am looking for general advice on bankruptcy.

My current situation is that my wife & I separated about 6 weeks ago.  I am living at my brothers place for a while I work on a more permanent living arrangement.  I have approx £38,000 of debt between credit cards & loans etc which I am looking to declare bankrupt.   I do not own my home, my wife was the only one on the tenancy, I have no savings & am paying about £1,100 a month on my debts, £400 a month rent plus travel & living expenses & I also help my wife with a few of her bills because I was the main bread winner in the family.  I only earn about £1950 per month take home.  I don't really understand how the bankruptcy works when they decide how much I pay back? how is this calculated & on average in the UK; how long is it before you are discharged?

Because my living arrangements are temporary at the moment, none of my addresses have been changed yet.  Would I have to change my address to where I am living before filing for bankruptcy?

Thank you in anticipation of your help

Well folks................I managed to get my 1st Appeal delayed by an extra month. However, it went ahead eventually. I didn't bother going because I knew it was a waste of time. Fortunately I dragged it out so long that I was back in work the week before they booted me off it. Overall from the date of the WCA I managed to squeeeze another 4 months out of them, enough time for me to get things going again.

I assume as 44,000 people have now viewed this thread the DWP are now receiving a large volume of appeals.

Keep it up everyone, the system is rotten to the core so fight it !!
Bankruptcy / how quickly are bank accounts frozen?
« Last post by essexman1966 on May 25, 2018, 05:37:43 PM »


I have a very specific question concerning bankruptcy. How quickly do the banks move to freeze an account?

Here is my situation. I think that I was declared bankrupt today as a result of a petition by HMRC. (I was unable to attend the hearing as I am abroad on work, and I did ask the court for an adjournment by letter for this reason, but let's assume the adjournment wasn't granted.)

I assume that because Monday is a bank holiday I won't appear in the insolvency register until Tuesday at the earliest.

I should get paid by my employer next Wednesday (by Faster Payments, not BACS).

I have two accounts: a NatWest Select Silver, and a Cashplus prepaid debit card. I don't have any borrowing, or a chequebook, on either. There's not much in either of them.

Currently my salary goes into the NatWest account but it would be easy enough to change that before my payday.

Ideally, what I need to be able to do is to get some cash and pay urgent bills (rent etc.) as soon as I am paid - then that gives me several weeks before the next payday to sort out a new basic bank account if I need to, and obviously I will have spoken to the Official Receiver by then anyway.

So, is it likely my NatWest account could be frozen as early as the Wednesday?`

Would Cashplus be likely to freeze it at all?

If I called the NatWest insolvency team on Tuesday (I have the direct number) would this help avert the problem, or would it just alert them to the bankruptcy and make them more likely to freeze it?

Obviously, the timing and being away from home just make things more complicated, but there's no avoiding that.

Any advice much appreciated!

Thank you

Bankruptcy / IVA to possible Bankruptcy
« Last post by [email protected] on May 14, 2018, 10:01:19 AM »

I'm currently in an IVA. I'm just about able to afford my payments. I own 45% of a house, mortgaged. I am in full time employment and earn a decent salary. I live with my ex-wife, who contributes nothing to the IVA and minimally to the house, she pays the gas, water and elec.

Last year, I was involved in a car accident. long story short, i took out my insurance but put my ex-wifes name on it. they've finally sent me the bill, and its large (£10k)

I've approached my creditors to sell the house, initially my offer was turned down. I increased it a little bit and they tentatively  agreed to it. they want to see how much i'll get for it and then make their final decision.

With the accident i need to pay back, i won't be able to afford my iva payments. well, i could, and i'm going to try, but it's going to be an absolute ridiculous amount i'll be paying towards huge debt.

What i'm trying to determine, is whether, if i file for bankruptcy:
                 1: will i definitely lose my house?
                 2: is there any way i can keep it, other than the iva?
                 3: how long does this normally take?
                 4: if i file for bankruptcy, will that cover the accident? can that be added to the bankruptcy? or will i still need to pay that?
I'll try to meet my payments, or sell the house. i'm trying to be responsible and pay my debt. but sometimes, things just don't work out they way you plan.

any ideas or info will be most appreciated.

I note that this thread is close to hitting 16,000 views now. That just shows the extent of the problems this horrible procedure brought in by this cretinous Government has caused for thousands of people. I hope as many of you as possible are appealing now. It may look like a nightmare, but just follow what I've advised in here step by step to defeat this despicable process.

Please note: my comments are based only on my own experiences of debt and the benefits system, it is always best to contact a professional debt adviser/Citizen's Advice etc for advice.
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